Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

…Kiltman said to me…


Kiltman is a volunteer who comes in to ABSW and helps us shelf books and other things.  Often, he is accompanied by his cuddly sidekick, “Kitten aka Oberon.”

“I am Greg; keeper of the kitten, wearer of kilt, and stocker of shelves. Across the moonlit plains of Route 146, I traveled until settling near Worcester and making some pierogi.”

Kiltman’s favorite gift item at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester…

Doctor and Master Sonic/Laser Tag Set with Toclaphane Practice Sphere


A fun game for fans of the BBC series Doctor Who

What makes this a great gift?

Running around a holiday party trying to zap your mortal enemy more than makes up for any substandard fruitcake.

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