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It’s a good time to be a Doctor Who fan at Annie’s!! Both Doctor Who Magazine #456 and The Doctor Who Companion Volume Six have arrived!! Both packed to the gills with excitement!!

First up in The Doctor Who Companion, Volume Six takes a look at all the events as well as everything in between leading up to the departure of the Ponds at the end of The Angels Take Manhattan which draws part one of series seven to a dramatic close. A series which would see the Doctor be dropped down into the Dalek Asylum where he  meets the shipwrecked Oswin Oswald. Whom there is more to her than the Doctor realizes at the time. Is formally introduced to Kate Stewart. Who happens to be the daughter of his old friend Brigadier Alistar Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. A character actually introduced in a direct-to-video story Downtime. As well as once again being hunted by the deadly Weeping Angels alongside his “wife” and the Ponds daughter River Song.

And even Rory’s dad Brian even comes along for some of the adventures.

As well as being packed with information and draft scripts about each of the episodes, there is also info about the Children in Need Special that year as well as past Children in Need Specials such as Time Crash and Dimensions in Time.

Doctor Who Magazine #456 focuses on both a new look TARDIS and new look 11th Doctor. Inside the Spaceship takes a detailed look at the newly redesigned TARDIS interior. Which has a distinctly “classic series” look while keeping some of the trappings the Doctor’s famous spaceship has had since the Paul McGann movie.

Even the Doctor’s new look seems to harken back to the William Hartnell era. While still keeping his bow tie intact.

Anniversary Fever proves that the November Anniversary story on television isn’t the only thing to look forward to as the program celebrates it’s 50th year. Destiny of the Doctor produced by Big Finish and released by Audiogo will feature audio adventures for each of the eleven Doctors with a theme linking them all together. The Anniversary Novel Collection a selected few novels from the Target,  Virgin and BBC Books series have been chosen to represent each of the 11 Doctors. Not to mention Big Finish has planned a multi-Doctor story starring all five surviving actors from the classic series titled The Light at the End.

Revolutionary Animation takes a look at the lost First Doctor serial The Reign of Terror. Which will be coming to video thanks in part to animation filling in the gaps for the lost episodes. The animation is once again being provided by Cosgrove Hall. The company that gave us the Richard E. Grant webisode Scream of the Shalka and filled in the animated gaps for the Patrick Troughton episode The Invasion. The article looks at the process they used to do the character design of the Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian as well as how they went about recreating the scenes from the missing episodes.

Countdown to 50 focuses on Series Twenty-Six. A series that not only saw Sylvester McCoy finally define his Doctor as an enigmatic Machiavellian manipulator after we saw him begin to come into his own in the previous series. But we also saw Ace develop into the type of character the program had never seen. And in some instances, using her sexuality to her advantage. It was a series that showed so much promise with an amazing climax as the Doctor comes face to face with his arch-enemy The Master as well as brush upon some distinctly adult topics in a very tasteful way. But all was not meant to be as the BBC decided to pull the plug on the show after that season.

The Doctor begins a new comic adventure in part one of Hunters of the Burning Stone.

Fact or Fiction takes a look at the Fourth Doctor television story The Leisure Hive. The first story of a new era that boasted a brand new look for both the program and the Doctor. Sound familiar?

In DWM Reviews, this year’s Christmas episode The Snowmen where we get a proper look at the Doctor’s new traveling companion Clara… or do we… goes under the microscope.

In DVD releases the Legacy Collection which includes the unmade Fourth Doctor episode Shada as well the 1994 documentary More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS.

The E-Book The Angels Kiss by Melody Malone with Justin Richards should make fans go “YOWZA!”.

In audio adventures, Eighth Doctor box set Dark Eyes starring Paul McGann as a new look Eighth Doctor alongside Ruth Bradley as new companion Molly O’Sullivan, Seventh Doctor adventure starring Sylvester McCoy The Shadow Hear, Sixth Doctor adventure starring Colin Baker Voyage to Venus and Companion Chronicle Return of the Rocket Men performed by Peter Purvfes all go under the microscope.

Coming Soon focuses on the DVD release of the missing First Doctor television story The Reign of Terror, Second Doctor audio Shadow of Death which is one of the stories in Destiny of the Doctor series, The Auntie Matter starring Tom Baker and Mary Tamm as the Doctor and Romana I, Sixth Doctor adventure The Wrong Doctor starring Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford which offers readers the first official meeting between the Sixth Doc and Melanie “Mel” Bush and Companion Chronicle The Flames of Cadiz performed by William Russell and Carole Ann Ford.

There’s also a chance to win copies of Russell T. Davies’s new series Wizards vs. Aliens on DVD, Red Dwarf a copy of The Wrong Doctor and Destiny of the Doctors Hunters of Earth.

So come on down to Annie’s during normal business hours and get your copy today!!

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