Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

Ghostbusters library

As our regular customers know, in the past we’ve had some difficulty finding a creative way to shelve hardcover books alongside our trade paperbacks and mass market paperback titles. The traditional Annie’s shelves were custom-made for the franchise’s many stores specifically to house “pocket books”, now known more commonly in the book trade as the mass market size. Thus many of the other Annie’s stores will not accept hardcover books for store credit, simply because they haven’t had the space for them

We hope you’ll welcome our pioneering change and our creative solution to this dilemma!!!

For the past few months, we’ve been gradually integrating hardcovers into the “genre fiction” sections, such as Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Mystery. Those hardcovers have had a base trade-in credit of $1.99 and a base selling price of $3.99, to allow for brisk turnover of product for us, and healthy savings for you.

To accommodate the “mainstream fiction” hardcover titles, as well as assorted non-fiction hardcover titles, we’ve been working hard setting up a little section of the store we have christened HARDCOVER ALLEY. It’s a U-shaped interior aisle, located between the Mystery section and the Adventure section; it will be our permanent showcasing of hardcover titles.

Most books located in this section are published works from 2010 and earlier; many have been labelled with a $2.99 sticker, to pass along savings to you. Other hardcover titles remain at $3.99, which still reflects a huge savings from their original retail pricing.

So come on down to Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester and take a little trip down Hardcover Alley to see what excitement may be waiting!!!

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