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terrorofthezygonsdvdOne of the most primal fears is the loss of self-identity, and TERROR OF THE ZYGONS, the newest DOCTOR WHO title from the “Classic” era to be released on DVD, capitalizes on that fear with glee and aplomb.

Just in time for the spookiest season of the year, this gem by Robert Banks Stewart stars Tom Baker as The Fourth Doctor, along with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan, Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and John Levene.  Guest stars include John Woodnutt and Angus Lennie.

TERROR OF THE ZYGONS is an atmospheric piece set in a modern-day and unromanticized Scotland in the throes of an economic downturn, juxtaposed with body horrors and local legends.  While the special effects are not the strongest, the story and the actors themselves are quite memorable, and there are more than a few genuine fear-inducing moments.

The full line of available DOCTOR WHO titles on DVD can be purchased here at the bookstore or via mail order.  Please feel free to stop at 65 James Street in Worcester for more information!

—Patty and the staff at ABSW

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