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This seemingly-endless winter has borne fruit in the continuing expansion of our website, all the better to serve you.


Just in time for Speculative Fiction Tuesday, we have added the New Spoken Word Audio page among the Items For Sale via our web site. We’ve started our offerings on this page featuring titles from B7 Media. BLAKE’S 7: THE AUDIO ADVENTURES and BLAKE’S 7: THE EARLY YEARS have an impressive range of voice talents… some from the classic television series, such as Michael Keating and Jan Chappell, others from more recent television and theatre work, such as Derek Riddell, Colin Salmon, Frances Barber, Keeley Hawes and Benedict Cumberbatch.

These titles are available in-store and via mail order, and are some of the best-produced, best-scripted, and best-performed audios we have ever heard in any genre. The original BLAKE’S 7 television series was a groundbreaker, with its cast of escaped prisoners and its portrayal of a dystopian future, that set the tone for many more recent series like BABYLON 5, FIREFLY and FARSCAPE.

Take a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

And we’ll have more to offer here as the seasons progress!

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