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[“Random Chance Saturday” is a regular blog feature written by staffer Selina Lovett.]

FRONTDESKReading. Books. What a novel idea. Literally, in some cases.

In this day and age of streaming media, hundreds of cable and satellite channels and many other audio visual offerings, why read?

Some people read because they want to visualize things for themselves, rather than have someone else show them how things should look. Some people read because their particular types of stories are not usually made into movies or TV series. Many people read nonfiction books to help themselves learn new things, to enrich themselves.  It takes longer to read a book than it does to watch a video, so some people would rather be entertained for a longer time. Some people read because their parents or teachers demand it from them. And other people read just for the fun of it.

Yes, fun. Reading is fun. There is a tremendous variety out there of what you can read, and you get to choose the titles and authors. For the person who thinks about the future, there is science fiction. For people who enjoy being scared out of their wits, horror seems to be the genre of choice. Fantasy appeals to those who enjoy reading about mythical creatures. Mysteries are for those people who enjoy trying to figure out whodunit from clues. Romances are – you guessed it – for people who love love. But there are many different types of romances… there are historical romances, which put people in the past, paranormal romances, if you like vampires, ghosts, etc. I think you get the picture.  There are many choices.

There are choices for the children, too. There are picture books, workbooks, first reader books, chapter books, elementary books, middle reader books and teen /young adult books. For adults there are novels, short stories, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, even blogs and ebooks! Yes, you can even be a member of today’s electronic society and still have fun reading!

troughtonTo have a LOT of fun when reading a piece of fiction, sometimes people  put themselves into the story, wanting to warn the hero or heroine of impending danger. They feel as though they are right there. Sometimes, they make up their own characters in someone else’s universe, possibly along with the characters from the book, and write  their own adventures.  And then… something great happens.  They create their own universes!

Many people who love to read then become writers. They use the knowledge they have gained from years of reading to give a new generation some wonderful stories to read to their children, and to read themselves. It takes a lot of imagination to write stories. It also takes imagination to read them.

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