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Selina Lovett here – with another idea for a Holiday Gift…

12222015 - Dalek Plush

If you are looking for a gift for a Dr. Who fan or someone who likes stuffed toys – or hopefully both – we’ve got just the thing!

We have a number of plush toys available, and most of them talk. The main ones are Daleks. You know, those aliens that are covered in a robotic armour? The ones that want to destroy anything that is not Dalek? The ones who only have one emotion – Hate? Yes, those Daleks. The aliens WE love to hate. These plush Daleks come in many different colors, so you can collect them all! They all have the prerequisite eyestalk, which allows them to see, and they “speak” when you squeeze them. There are two sizes, large and small.

12222015 - Tardis and Dalek plush

The second plush toy we have is the Tardis. Oh, yes, the chosen mode of transportation for our dear Time Lord and his companions. Looking just like an old British Police Box, the Tardis also “speaks” – Rather, it makes noises, like any Tardis does.

12222015 - Adipose Plush

Another plush toy we carry is an adorable Adipose. This is something you could even give to a future Dr. Who fan. It is Squishable (but it doesn’t speak, since it is a being made of human body fat). It is pure white, and comes in two sizes, small and large.

Lastly, And then there is the Weeping Angel (as seen in first photo.) This toy is based on the malevolent, predatory being that is one of – if not the most terrifying foes the Doctor is faced with. It doesn’t kill outright, it sends its victims back into time before they were born, and feeds on the potential energy of the years that the victim would have lived in the present. This plush toy is great for someone who likes the Dark Side of things. The Weeping Angel toy also speaks, and looks like it is going to jump out after you. Creepy. But fun. As are all the plush toys.

And NOW lastly… ahem, pardon me, this is Trish, the other events coordinator totally blog-bombing Selina here… Lastly in the awesomeness of plush (because I totally agree with Selina that these are awesome gifts!) is my very personal favorite, a plush Tenth Doctor. See, the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant, is MY doctor. You didn’t want to hear the Squee I made when I saw this one appear on our special Doctor Who toy shelf that we’ve set up just between the two children’s book rooms. Anyway, here’s my photobomb of Selina’s blog with me and my plushy doctor. Mine as in I bought him before I went home from my shift the very day I saw him.

12222015 - Tennant Plush

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