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We’ve been trying to get the word out about a special acquisition we’ve just made. On the surface, it’s easy enough to say “It’s just comics…you get those all the time, don’t you?” And, in a busy Holiday season, sometimes it’s just difficult to make the time to investigate everything you want, while making time for family.

But, a lot of you, and a lot of your kids and grandkids, read and collect them. And, this time, we’ve acquired a collection that is several collections in one, and almost all of it 20 to 30 years old. What’s more is much of it hasn’t seen the light of day in over 20 years and was put in a comic bag the day it was released, so while much has been read, much hasn’t, and much is in newsstand condition despite being so old. Like from a time capsule. It varies, but there are some great stretches of so many titles, you’re going to want to see what’s in store.

Right now, we’ve got about 5,000 comics in the store. Over 20 long boxes of comics priced at half of cover price. And, normally, we’d be saying the best part of this would be that comics were priced lower 20 or 30 years ago, so not only would you be finding comics you couldn’t normally find, in great condition to read or collect or give as gifts, but you’d be spending even less than you would on more recent comics. With a deep selection of comics in here at $0.75 or $1.00, among various boxes, half that price is not only frugal but absolutely cheap!

But, with such a large collection, we decided to share the wealth even more. For a limited time, we’ve added two Special Offers to our web site at Two coupons for the bargain hunters to have a further reason to come in and cherry-pick this awesome find, and make it a memorable gift for yourself or someone else.

First, for simply finding ten of these comics, one coupon will enhance your discount to 60% off cover price from 50% off. That’s actually a 20% further discount. There’s something for everyone in this group, and if you are even just curious, it’s pretty much certain you’ll find something interesting at the right price, to read or collect.

But, we want you to consider planning to spend some time here and have an adventure. Find a nephew or niece or cousin and tag-team this collection, and put a full long box of your own together. Your choice. Use the coupon. (Again, at, use the Special Offers link.) Make that box a completely full one, or take even more than that, and instead of the normal 50% off cover price, the coupon discount will make it 70% off cover price! (That’s 40% off our normal price!…which is already a great deal at 50% off!) There are thousands of comics here right now you will find priced at $5 or higher elsewhere.

Sure, there may some things that will be for someone else’s tastes. But, this assortment is so broad there should be something for yours, too. There are superhero comics like Batman and Spider-Man and Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Series like Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Animal Man, many X-Men titles, and so many others will appeal to many of you. There are Archie comics and some from Disney Studios. For the collector, we’ve intentionally left some comics in these boxes we see at $15 in the price guides, in new (that’s NM or well above 9.0, for you collectors) condition. And a few worth even more than that. The readers will be thrilled in finding some of the early Valiant Comics runs. This group touches on just about every genre, and where we could go on listing things here, we’re really hoping you’ll simply come in (with the coupons to help you save more than usual) and dive in!

The comics are already here. Come on in and see what you can find, and take advantage of some genuinely special pricing on a great assortment!

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