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Answer: They are the protagonists of this week’s new releases for readers of picture books, middle grade titles, and young adult literature, each with a very different focus, and each one with a tale to tell.


  • OGILVY by Deborah Underwood and T.L. McBeth –  When Ogilvy moves to a new town, the possibilities feel endless. There are so many new bunny friends and fun things to do together! But in this town, bunnies in dresses play ball and knit socks, and bunnies in sweaters make art and climb rocks. Ogilvy wants to do everything, and won’t let a sweater or a dress get in the way.
  • DOG MAN: FOR WHOM THE BALL ROLLS by Dav Pilkey – The Supa Buddies have been working hard to help Dog Man overcome his bad habits. But when his obsessions turn to fears, Dog Man finds himself the target of an all-new supervillain! Meanwhile, Petey the Cat has been released from jail and starts a new life with Li’l Petey. But when Petey’s own father arrives, Petey must face his past to understand the difference between being good and doing good.
  • TOM SWIFT INVENTORS’ ACADEMY #2: THE SONIC BREACH by Victor Appleton – Tom gets to take all sorts of cool classes at the Swift Academy of Science and Technology, but robotics may be the one he is most excited for. Their teacher is holding a battling robot tournament, and Tom has to build a machine that will come out on top. With the final battle coming up, Tom and his friends need as much time as possible to refine their masterpiece. But the rest of their teachers have been giving so many pop quizzes that they can barely focus in class, never mind concentrate on the tournament. Naturally, everyone is frustrated with the trend…until a mysterious new phone app appears.
  • NOCTURNA by Maya Motayne – To Finn Voy, magic is two things: a knife to hold under the chin of anyone who crosses her…and a disguise she shrugs on as easily as others pull on cloaks. As a talented faceshifter, it’s been years since Finn has seen her own face, and that’s exactly how she likes it. But when Finn gets caught by a powerful mobster, she’s forced into an impossible mission: steal a legendary treasure from Castallan’s royal palace or be stripped of her magic forever.

If you are between the ages of 0 and 17, you are sure to find something to please you in our two full rooms of picture books, early readers, middle grade titles, advanced readers, and young adult books.  New books and fresh releases come in at least once a week… we look forward to having you explore our titles!

Thank you, as always, for making our shelves your destination.


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