Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

If you know someone who likes books, or you do yourself (which we hope you do!) and you need something to carry them in (for school, or just anywhere you may be going in the midst of the pandemic), why not take a look at our great supply of Tote Bags by Out of Print  and Upcycle Book Bags by Dot Woodcock.


Our Out of Print Tote Bags are funny plays on words, dealing with books and reading, and bags about books themselves.




There are animal tote bags, such as the Bookstore cat and the Velocireader,


And bags about particular books, such as The Wizard of Oz, Goodnight Moon and Jane Eyre.

Not to mention, bags about just reading. And being a reader. And actually, being a Book Nerd!

In addition to the Out of Print bags, We have Dot Woodcock’s Upcycle Book Bags, made of recycled clothing, such as skirts, and shorts.

Dot ingeniously matches the skirts and shorts with belts to make handles that create very sturdy bags which will hold heavy books and other school necessities.

They come in both prints and plain colors, in blues and reds, with an occasional purple one for variety.

These bags seem like they would make a great gift for a young girl, possibly even to use as a purse to carry all of the things young girls need to have with them all the time. In normal times, which hopefully won’t be too far off!

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