Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside



There are several general (not sub) genres crossing my path this week as the New Arrivals come in. Speaking of Generals, two of the books deal with Generals in some ways – TAKING PARIS: THE EPIC BATTLE by Martin Dugard deals with military history, and TRAVELS WITH GEORGE: IN SEARCH OF WASHINGTON AND HIS LEGACY by Nathan Philbrick of course talks about a great General in U.S. History (Not to mention our first President!). What could be more thrilling than that? APPLES NEVER FALL by Liane Moriarty; DENIAL: A NOVEL by Beverley McLachin; and ENEMY AT THE GATES by Vince Flynn/Kyle Mills, our three new thrillers.  If you want a taste of something else, there’s I TAKE MY COFFEE BLACK  by Tyler Merritt  and Jimmy Kimmel, a biography; EDGEWATER ROAD by Shelley Shepard Gray, which is an Amish mystery/romance, (It’s only one genre, though, so I’ll call it religious fiction); and THE WISDOM OF CROWDS by Joe Abernathy, a fantasy.





As Always, thank you for making our shelves your destination.



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