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There are people that use Email to send Holiday greeting cards or messages to their loved ones, and there are those people that don’t. Those that don’t usually do one of four things: 1. They don’t send any cards or greetings at all. 2. They telephone their loved ones and share their tidings that way. 3. They visit their friends and family in person if they are local enough, or if they are able to travel, or 4. They send a very nice paper greeting card to them.


So, that being said, Annie’s, the little store that’s bigger on the inside has a great selection of individual paper holiday greeting cards for you to pick from by Laughing Elephant of Seattle. Their mission is to preserve and share vintage commercial artwork from the 1890s to the 1980’s, so you’ll find some of the cards are Art Deco, some are Victoriana, and some are to the age of the Space Race, and all are unique.


From Christmas Cats to Christmas Candles –






And Ships to Silvery Moons,





You’ll find many lovely cards to make your holiday season more cheerful and bright.



As always, thank you for making our shelves your destination.




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