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One of the nice things about running a bookstore not wedded or welded only to the flavor-of-the-month new releases is being able to recommend authors and titles you might not hear about elsewhere.  Sure, we have our smattering of those new releases. And we also carry standards in different genres like Debbie Macomber, Stephen King, Tom Clancy and Agatha Christie. But, sometimes, we go out to get things we expect some of you will want to read, even when you don’t know it yet.

Let us introduce you to Christopher Moore, by way of his book, titled Fool.

Fool is an off-beat take on Shakespeare.  No, don’t let that deter you.  It’s not going to bore you with Olde English that needs to be translated.  It’s modern.  It’s also quite bawdy at times.

“I shagged a ghost,” said Drool…”There’s always a bloody ghost,” said the laundress.

Well, there is a certain amount of intimacy.  But, this is Christopher Moore.  It’s not going to read like a romance novel.  Seriously.  OK, not very seriously.  Actually, so well-conceived and off-beat as to be laugh-out-loud Funny.  Sometimes more like an accident where you can’t look away, but when you find yourself smiling or laughing or nodding your head, you’ll know you’re enjoying what you’re reading.

Fool is a stand-alone read.  It may help if you know your Shakespeare, but, really, it’s just a great, fun read.  Mr. Moore has also written quite a number of other books…all of which we have trouble keeping supplied, because he’s one of those authors people are reading, even if he seems to be a well-kept secret.  And, that’s why we’re blogging here about him and about this book.  Just getting in a small supply of Moore’s books again, we want to make a proper introduction to those of you who don’t know him yet.  Most typically, you’ll find his books in our Literature section, whether the book covers Shakespearean drama, vampiric romances, the Life of Christ (as told by Biff), or Sequined Love Nuns.  It’s literature.  He just has a funny way of telling stories, and we think you might like what you find.


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